About The Unfair Mario Game

There are 10 stages in the Unfair Mario, you may think that passing ten levels is very simple and effortless to carry out, but you will find out pretty soon that it is extremely tricky. You see there are a lot of secret traps in the flash game, for instance you see safe area where you may run, however once you walk on it ground drops under your feet and you are dropping, or you desire to jump on some object, but right after you land on it, it drops and you’re breathless one more time, now and then bricks can fall on your head as well if you will go under it. This is the reason that game is called Unfair Mario, it is really tough to win in it and realistic thinking can’t assist you in Unfair Mario.

But, don’t worry, there is a basic trick to win stages and arrive at finish flag. It is about making mistakes, don’t be afraid to fail, in this way you will be capable to note precise place of the many traps, they are still at the exact area.

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